David as Judy Garland

About David de Alba

David de Alba began doing performances as a young teenager in 1963 in Chicago, Illinois. He performed live at Halloween Balls and at the famed Aragon Ballroom where he made his first appearances as Judy Garland, creating the impression that was to make him internationally famous.

Still performing, David always sings in his own voice, unusual in a profession where most lip sync. A native of Cuba, David is well known to Latin audiences as Boy-Chic, since he did quite a number of songs from Cuba, Spain , Puerto Rico, and South America. He is also famed for his tribute to Edith Piaf and to Liza Minnelli, a character he added later in his career.

He was one of the most famous of the troupe of great stars at San Francisco's Finocchio's where he was known for his rendition of the classical version of the song "La Macarena".

Though best known for his Finocchio's shows, David has had many television appearances, including on the Univisión Network.

David de Alba has recorded six CDs in this Year 2002 and still keeps being active in the Biz.

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