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Unique in the female impersonation genre, David de Alba must be seen and heard to be believed.   One of the last survivors of the golden era of entertainment, he's a rare and exceptional artist who offers true vocal ability and enormous talent in his performances.   Unlike most female impersonators, Mr. de Alba uses his own femme voice on stage.   Known for his outstanding live impersonations of Judy Garland at the world famous Finocchio Club and countless TV appearances, he is also a Celebrity Interviewer and a Recording Artist.

David de Alba has been mentioned in several books as a key figure in the drag world of yesteryear.   He was a key source for the write-up of Finocchio's in the book “San Francisco's Lost Landmarks”, by historian /writer James R. Smith.   David, along with Lavern Cummings, is honored on a pictorial dedication page and mentioned in the text of 2 books, "Crowning Glory" and "More TG Short Stories", by Carollyn Faith Olson.   David is also featured in "This is Lady Patra North" by Donny West, “Chicago Noir”,(Page 73) by Achy Obejas and “A Field Guide to Gay & Lesbian Chicago”,(Page 154) by Kathie Bergquist & Robert McDonald.

Just recently, during one of his concerts in Las Vegas, David de Alba was the recipient of the San Francisco's Lost Landmarks' Achievement Award for Preserving San Francisco's Memories, by James R. Smith, author of "San Francisco's Lost Landmarks" and "The California Snatch Racket".   This award is given in recognition of an organization or person who has successfully resurrected or kept in the public eye some facet of the city's rich history.   Mr. de Alba is lauded for his ongoing promotion of the Finocchio Club, one of San Francisco's finest.   In the 1960s David de Alba received The Talent Night Award by Charles Pierce at The Gilded Cage in San Franscisco for his portrayal of Judy Garland, and in Chicago The Talented Teen Search, sponsored by Coca-Cola.   In 2011 David was inducted in to the TG Forum "Gallery of Greats"   In 2013 David was awarded a "Certificate of Honor, Fans' Award" by EduarDesign, Miami, FL.   In 2014 David was awarded the "Certificate of Lifetime Achievement" by Jacques DuRand, Cape Town, South Africa.

This award-winning Web Site features an impressive journey through time to honor his past and present fellow performers.   The maintenance and upkeep of this non-commercial site is totally subsidized by Mr. de Alba himself through the sale of his CDs.   This labor of love is offered to you, the public, to freely enjoy a little piece of Female Impersonation history.

Music CDs from David's vast repertoire of Spanish and English classic and popular songs, and video DVDs of his past performances are available by contacting his webmaster at   All proceeds go towards maintenance of this Web site.

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